Patient Management

  • Easy and faster patient management
  • Allocate unique patient identification no
  • Patient informative details
  • No patient duplication entry
  • Several types of reports
  • SMS & email notification
  • Patient smart ID card with the barcode

Invoicing & Billing

  • The account is integrated with all the modules
  • Generate invoices for patients & other services
  • Track patients payment history for better revenue
  • Know discount, due, refund & PC/referral amounts
  • Three types of receipt with interactive design

Outpatient(OPD) Management

  • Generate patients unique identification number
  • Receive doctor consultation payment
  • Receive investigation payment
  • Track patients due investigation payment
  • Doctor appointment with auto serial
  • Manages item prices with referral fees
  • View patients past medical records
  • Auto referral/PC system

Inpatient(IPD) Management

  • Easily manages patient admission/discharge/transfer
  • Effortlessly allocate bed/ward/cabin by availability
  • Records patient information & diseases
  • Generate related consent forms for signature
  • Patients information with ward/cabin no & admission date
  • Generate birth/death certificate, discharge & surgery details
  • Bed/ward/cabin management by floor or room
  • Patient list with admit date, disease, department etc
  • Discharge patient list
  • Patients list with hospital, pharmacy bill & due list
  • Generate overall bill of discharged patients

Pathology & Radiology

  • Receive investigation request from billing
  • Collect sample of invoiced investigation
  • Faster result entry on your own template report
  • Deliver reports based on investigation payment status
  • Notification of reagent stock to avoid out of stock scenario
  • Monitor investigation status & current queue
  • SMS/email to patient when results are available


  • Medicine management with add/edit/delete
  • Alert for expired medicines
  • Notification for low stock medicines
  • Possible gross profit reports for medicine
  • Medicine requisition with approval system
  • Automatically billing against purchase order
  • Rack/shelf management
  • Multiple medicine sales report
  • View complete summary of IPD patient dues
  • Quickly sell medicine to IPD & OPD patients
  • Medicine return, refund etc
  • Supplier/vendor management

Online Patient Portal

  • Patient Profile
  • Doctor appointment request & list
  • Electronic prescription prescribed by doctor
  • Doctor Visit History
  • Diagnostic History
  • Payment history
  • Bill history
  • Patient's personal health record
  • SMS History

Doctor Portal & E-prescription

  • Patient list & reports
  • Patient appointment list
  • Easy & faster e-prescription system
  • Previous prescription of a patient
  • Patients medical/health/case/records
  • Different statics report on patients records
  • Dynamically e-prescription setup & templating

Financial Reports

  • Transparent accounts with ensured security
  • General ledger, account payable & receivable
  • Charts of accounts
  • Payment voucher entries
  • Balance sheet, profit & loss
  • Item wise income & expense
  • Day book, cash book and bank book
  • Pharmacy sale report
  • Patient based due report

Export Data Easily

Powerful export option gives you ability to save/ export your various data at your desired formats from excel, word, pdf, csv, png etc.


Barcode Scanner With Label

In a large institution faster work process is very important and barcode scanner is the perfect solution for faster work process.




Manual attendance days are over, now automatically take student & staffs attendance quickly & easily. Take attendance either with biometric fingerprint or through RFID card. ZKTeco attendance devices are integrated with our software where admin can monitor students & staffs attendance records.


Send various SMS to your patients instantly. Whether, it is payment SMS, absent, present, notice, due SMS, HR Report SMS, Various Report SMS, Doctor Appointment SMS & other type of SMS and email in both Bangla & English.


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