We believe lots of question emerges on your head regarding our software & you are here because you are looking for those answers. For your ease, we have tried to answers the questions that are frequently asked to us.

Our software is a web based software, not desktop based software. Cloud based software are becoming popular as they can be accessed from anywhere with any devices.

It's not a open source or free software. It's our in house software developed from scratch.

Unfortunately, we are not selling the software, we are providing it as SAAS(software as a service).

The price of the software actually depends on various factors such as (no of students, institute type, institute location etc). We want everyone to use the software easily at a reasonable price.

You can pay the software service charge the way you want, either monthly, quarterly or yearly which will be fixed upon discussion.

Any sorts of service has service charge to keep them running, likewise you have to pay software service charge to keep it running. As we will look after the software troubleshooting, updating to new technologies & provide you support always so will take a small amount for that.

To run our software you need internet connectivity. But our software is fast & light-weight which can be used with low bandwidth internet connectivity.

If you are interested to use our software then you have to pay one-time installation charge & software service charge which can be paid either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

We can assure you that your data will be safe as our we are using highly configured & secured server with raid SSD storage system which ensures data will be safe. We don't share your data with third party companies or whatsoever.

Initially, you don't have to invest on hardware/computer but we would recommend to use at-least a desktop to use it properly & easily. Our software can be used from smart-phone, tablets, laptops & desktops.

Anyone with basic computer operation knowledge can run our software. You have to assign at-least a person who will operate the software & we will train him up.

Yes, you can send bulk, single SMS from our software to students, teachers & staffs at ease, you will be charged for the SMS you sent separately. You can also send either masking or non-masking SMS.

Yes, we can adjust the software with your requirements/needs but software's core modules can't be customized.

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