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Revolutionizing Automation for Healthcare, Education, and Businesses

Esteem Soft Limited is a leading software provider specializing in healthcare, education, and business automation solutions. Renowned for its cutting-edge software, the company has been awarded the National ICT Award twice for its contributions to modernizing the education sector and automating the healthcare sector. Their comprehensive software suite caters to various industries, including hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, schools, colleges, NU affiliated colleges , and various businesses. Harness the power of Esteem Soft's innovative solutions and elevate your operations to new heights.

Streamline Healthcare Operations with Automated Solutions

Enhance Productivity and Elevate Patient Care in Hospitals, Clinics, and Diagnostic Centers Across Bangladesh

Pioneer of Cloud-Based

Hospital Management ERP Software

An Ideal ERP Software For Any Healthcare Organization

single-point solution for all departments of the hospital.

National ICT Award

Winning Software

Your Trusted Digital

Smart Manager

Manage Your Healthcare

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Diagnostic Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software

Doctor Chamber Management Software

Foreign Medical Management Software

Ditch the Paper, Embrace the Future

Automate tasks, eliminate paperwork, and save time at your school, college, or national university affiliate with Esteem Soft's powerful and user-friendly platform.


Educational Institute Management ERP Software

An Ideal Software For School, College, NU affiliated Colleges

single-point solution  for all departments of your institute. 

National ICT Award

Winning Software

Your Trusted Digital

Smart Manager

Manage Your Institute

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College Management Software

NU Affiliate College Management Software

Boost Efficiency with Esteem Soft's All-in-One Solutions

From HR & Attendance to Accounts & Help Desk, We Have You Covered. Plus, Custom Software for Your Unique Needs.

Office Management Software

Human Resource Management Software

Attendance Solution

Accounts Management Software

Helpdesk Kiosk

Stop Wasting Time, Start

Eliminate manual tasks and automate your workflow with Esteem Soft Limited