Habibullah Bahar College has started using the Institute Management Software “Witty” since 2020 which has made a huge difference between past and present management systems. There is no alternative to an Online Education Management System to create a dynamic and effective education system in this era of modernization, and in this case our trusted and tested partner Esteem Soft Limited’s Basis National ICT Award 2018 Winner – Witty Software, who are playing an important role in the implementation of our goals and objectives by relentlessly serving more than 14000 students and 150 teachers and staff through their modern and up-to-date Module & Features. That’s why I personally want Witty Software to be a proud partner in the progress of the country’s modern education system with the hope of building Digital Bangladesh by spreading this unique service program around. I wish Witty Software a bright and long future.
Principal of Habibullah Bahar College